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                Wasu Internet TV Constructs a New Ecology of Home Entertainment Grand Screen

                2015 is recognized as the first year when users began paying for videos, thus spurring the business. Wasu Internet TV, as a platform holding high share of market among Internet TV brands, has achieved gratifying results in video industry development, with an increase of 500% in the income from user payments and an accumulation of five million subscribers.

                Based on big data platform, with independent development and refined management, Wasu Internet TV has promoted high quality content and superior experience to increase user loyalty and build a new ecology of home entertainment grand screen.


                Content management: Gathering high quality video content and introducing flagship variety shows

                Wasu Media has progressively sealed copyright cooperation with hundreds of well-known content providers at home and abroad, including Time Warner Inc., Sony Pictures, Paramount, Disneyland and Universal Pictures, to provide VIP users with excellent video content. In addition, VIP users enjoy the exclusive favor of synchronous broadcasting of documentaries from Discovery Channel, another of Wasu¡¯s collaborators. According to statistics, 86% VIP users watched Discovery documentaries in 2015 and 58% watched the upgraded documentaries every week.

                Zhejiang satellite television, namely ¡°China blue¡± based on its logo¡¯s color, is an outstanding variety show platform in China, valued at 1 billion yuan in the market. Wasu opened a ¡°Chine blue¡± zone on its Internet TV, synchronously broadcasting flagship variety shows, including ¡°The Voice of China,¡± ¡°Running Man,¡± ¡°The Negotiator,¡± and ¡°The League of Challengers.¡± In less than a year, ¡°China blue¡± zone attracted 20 million viewers who played videos 1.06 billion times, prior to other variety show brands on the platform.

                 Apart from ¡°China blue,¡± Wasu also cooperated with leading vertical media, including Netease News, Netease Music and Beva Children¡¯s Songs, to launch vertical channels and specialized channels focused on one field, thereby expanding the number of videos on Internet TV and making them more professional.


                User rights: Diverse online rights and splendid meet-and-greets with celebrities offline

                VIP users enjoyed diverse online rights on Wasu Internet TV in 2015, such as ¡°Abundant videos for free,¡± ¡°VIP first to watch,¡± ¡°Zero advertisement and no-buffering,¡± ¡°Live broadcast of thousands of concerts,¡± and ¡°Four video coupons per month.¡± VIP users could also attend a series of activities offline, including ¡°Meet-and-greets with celebrities¡±, ¡°Visiting idols on the work site,¡± and ¡°Watching celebrity shows on the sets.¡±

                Wasu will provide more rights for VIP users in 2016, including ¡°Multi-screen social interaction,¡± ¡°High-definition videos with good speed,¡± and ¡°Red packets.¡± Users can not only watch videos on the website but also have a series of interactions simultaneously, as the abundant user rights elevate Wasu fans¡¯ vitality and sense of belonging.


                Product experience: Efficient client-site for better user experience

                As more users got accustomed to paying for videos, an efficient paying model was the need of the hour. Wasu Internet TV simplified the login and payment procedures in 2015. It also constructed an integrated user system, including the functions of ¡°Register in one second and pay in three steps,¡± ¡°No password for paying again,¡± ¡°Multi-screen social interaction,¡± and ¡°Automatic renewal.¡± VIP users enjoy even more rights such as ¡°Limited-time free¡±, ¡°VIP first to watch and download¡±, ¡°VIP exclusive carousel channels¡± and ¡°CDN acceleration,¡± resulting from differential and high-quality product innovations. Therefore, users likely fall in love with the products thanks to the good watching experience and without the requisite learning process.


                Big data: Study user behavior and optimize business models

                In 2015, Wasu Internet TV improved its services following a deep analysis of users and comprehensive observation of the video industry, on the basis of big data. Customized fine services could be provided to users as big data analysis was able to explore ¡°Who is the user,¡± ¡°Where is the user,¡± and¡°What does the user like.¡± By analyzing the users¡¯ playing records and consumption habits, Wasu added the function of ¡°Guess you want to see¡±, sent video coupons, optimized the renewal process, and opened virtual-money-payment store online, which resulted in more users, higher rate of video playing, and better user loyalty.

                Meanwhile, the analysis of data extracted from payment platforms like alipay and WeChat supported the online to offline business, ¡°Watching and buying¡± function, and accurate advertising. 

                Wasu Internet TV is not only limited to video service as the rapid development of Internet TV promoted the transformation of the business model. Under the guidance of ¡°New media for content¡± and ¡°Big data for development,¡± with regards to video content, the company will strengthen data management on content and build a niche channel matrix. On products, the company will build first-class experience of Internet products by providing social activities, multi-screen interactions and classified service items. Regarding membership marketing, the company will lure users to become members, members to become fans and then fans to form the brand, with diverse business models, refined user management and digital content marketing.