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                Wasu selected as Best New Media Operator at ¡°Tianma Award -- The 8th Listed Company Investor Relations Selection¡±

                The ¡°Tianma Award--The 8th Listed Company Investor Relations Selection¡±, organized by the Securities Timesand the China Listed Company Alliance, was launched at the International Eco-Conference Center in Guiyang. Wasu Media was chosen as the Best New Media Operator among listed companies, while Wang Yingyi was given the ¡°Excellent Company Secretary of China Mainboard Listed Company Investor Relationship¡±.

                As one of the most authoritative selection for listed companies in China, the Listed Company Investor Relations Selection invites professional institutions and experts to sit on the judging panel and applies strict appraisal system and methods to examine participant companies¡¯ profiles, including information disclosure, credits, investor relationship management and enterprise social responsibility.

                After the listing, Wasu Media has been improving its information disclosure and regulated operation level and strengthening its work to manage investor relationships. It has been rated ¡°A¡± for information disclosure at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has been recognized by the stock exchange and investors. The award is praise for Wasu¡¯s regulated operation, interior management, information disclosure and investor relations management.


                Wasu, as a leading media enterprise in the domestic new media industry, is guided by its three major principles, namely ¡°new Internet + application¡±, ¡°new media + content¡± and ¡°big data + development¡±, and is now dedicated to creating a smart network and integrated new media. The group is constantly enhancing media construction and expanding operation modes to bring Wasu¡¯s thinking into details. Wasu¡¯s unique style can be seen in content, user maintenance and way of broadcasting. Broad new media channels, including WeChat, Weibo, and websites, have been covered, while the information is diversified with significant news, business information, TV programs and films and plenty of activities while maintaining a proper public opinion. Meanwhile, Wasu¡¯s WeChat account is optimizing to present the company¡¯s strategy, core businesses, important news and corporate culture. In fact, the official WeChat account has become a key platform for Wasu to connect with users, partners and the capital market.