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                Wasu Xiaoyi went into the Gudang community for the elderly this autumn

                On August 31, the ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi smart community cloud service platform¡± made by Wasu and Greentown officially landed in Gudang community.

                Residents can install Wasu Xiaoyi APP on mobile and connect to the Wasu TV set-top box at home. The app can meet the need of their daily life, such as Property report, life payment, community notice, government information, community activities and so on. Residents can also enjoy education and health service through set-top box.

                 ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi smart community platform¡± is not only an app, but also a data connection of multi-terminal via the phone, the PC, and even the TV. Then the elderly, who don¡¯t use smart mobile, can also realize the convenient life in the community through simple operation on TV remote control.

                The theme of this activity was ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi for the elderly¡±. The staff prepared the introduction of the platform and installation guidance. In order to enrich the community life of the elderly, Wasu team organized a show in Gudang community.

                More than 200 elderly came to experience the Wasu TV clients, property notice, life payment, common telephone, home repair, community activities and other convenience services.

                An old man laughed and said,¡± I had to wait my daughter to ask property service when the toilet is broken, but now I can call the service on my TV, it¡¯s very convenient.¡± It¡¯s true what he said, when the children are not around, it¡¯s hard for them to solve daily problem.

                In addition to the property repair, man can call for housekeeping or drink water delivering in daily life by TV remote control. The user can also watch the community notice or vote to elect proprietor committee through APP and Wasu set-top box.

                 ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi¡± combines property, community, residents, and business to build a community life ecosystem. Through the promotion of the elderly, teenager and children, the application of ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi¡± is realized, and it can also achieve the win-win cooperation between the four parties.

                In the future, ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi¡± will build a network of intelligent community management platform in Hangzhou and even in the whole province. At that time, more than 50 million people in the province will experience the convenient life brought by the ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi¡±.