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                Wasu-led Ministry of Science and Technology project passes quality review

                The Research, Development, Application and Demonstration of an Interactive TV Application-Aggregating Cloud Service Systemproject launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology and led by Wasu passed a quality review at a panel meeting. Hosted by the ministry, the panel was headed by Zhang Shuwu, a researcher at the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and comprised members from key national laboratories, Institute of Software of CAS, China National Institute of Standardization, Academy of Broadcasting Planning and Beijing Radio Administration.

                As one of the projects that provide scientific and technological support for the national ¡°12th five-year plan¡±, this project is the first state-level technology project carried out by Wasu.

                It aims at establishing a new interactive TV industry and service mode based on tri-network integration. In order to solve the bottleneck problems that hamper the interactive media service industry, such as separated and dispersive service network and limited service mode, the project focuses on developing key supporting technologies, systematic solutions and technology-driven supporting platforms, as well as an open business system that is manageable, controllable and credible and aggregates online media content. It will aggregate media content, applications, management, control and services based on cloud computing. And through services designed for community and family entertainment, consumption and community charity work will help forge a new service mode and develop a community- and family-oriented multi-media interactive service industry to build up its brand.

                This project, including three tasks, was completed by Wasu and two other firms. It was reviewed and unanimously approved. Passing the quality review is a milestone for Wasu and a testimony to its ability to carry out and complete national technology projects. It further helps Wasu implement the ¡°new network + application¡± strategy.