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                Wasu-led ¡®IPv6-based Interactive Media Operation System¡¯ project passes quality review

                The IPv6-based Interactive Media Operation System project passed quality review at a panel meeting in Hangzhou on November 18, 2016. The project was launched by the National Development and Reform Commission. NDRC officials from Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City and Binjiang District attended the meeting, which was hosted by Zhang Zhizhen, head of the Binjiang District Bureau of Finance. Cai Jiamei, a professor of computer science, headed the panel that consisted of experts and professors from Zhejiang¡¯s radio and television industry.

                This project established the first dual stack interactive media operation system covering Zhejiang Province that includes interactive media service platform, dual stack key network, an upgraded terminal and a new dual stack terminal. Combining developing platform, network and terminals together, the project explores how to use IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) in interactive media, thereby promoting the application of IPv6 to the whole industry chain.

                The system was operated at the panel meeting, where it was examined and reviewed. Armed with advanced technology and standard supporting facilities, the project met all the strict requirements. It was managed and documented well and was subsequently listed as a model NDRC project whose review standard will be used for other projects.

                The application and commercialization of IPv6 in the interactive media industry helps integrate and coordinate industrial and social resources. It also assists the government in promoting industry self-regulation, drives rapid and sound growth of the interactive media industry, and pushes relevant interactive media products to go nationwide and worldwide while providing consumers with better services.