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                Wasu basks in Jinchao Awards

                The Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced the 2016 Jinchao Awards for Radio and TV Scientific Innovative Projects recently. Wasu Group won 6 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 6 third prizes.

                It was generally known that there were 14 candidates for the 2016 Jinchao awards, namely 11 municipal press, publication, radio, film and television bureaus, Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, Zhejiang Wasu Radio, Television and Network Shareholding Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Radio and Television Supervision Center.

                This time there were six categories of awards ¨C high and new technology research and development award, scientific and technological achievements application and technical improvement award, engineering technical excellence award, soft science award, grass-roots excellent scientific innovation award and scientific paper award. Altogether 98 research achievements were honored, including 19 from Wasu Group.

                Among them, the Precision Marketing System based on Intelligent User Atlas Technology jointly developed by Wasu Media and Zhejiang University won the high and new technology research and development award. This is expected to transform traditional marketing to precision marketing by setting up an intelligent user atlas on the basis of pooling users¡¯ data of different dimensions and adopting deep machine learning technology on precision marketing.

                Zhejiang Province DVB Transmission Channel and Transmission Supervision Platform jointly developed by Zhejiang Wasu and Beijing Joint System Digital Technology Co., Ltd won the scientific and technological achievements application award for its security and reliability in 11 prefecture-level cities in Zhejiang on real-time analysis on front-end of DVB, online application in various forms of transaction and summarizing of supervision data.

                The scientific paper award went to Ningbo Wasu for its thesis on Transformation and Innovation of Radio and TV Live Content Promotion and Payment Method on the basis of Internet+, which combines DVB broadcasting and mobile internet technologies to allow users to get to know TV content and realize fast consumption via WeChat payment so that more users can experience the pleasure of ¡°using television¡±.

                These projects show Wasu¡¯s commitment to combine theory and practice, and have a down-to-earth attitude on observing, researching and solving problems with innovative spirit while showcasing its important contributions in the radio and television sector.