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                Will Wasu lead the country¡¯s broadcasting industry in the next 10 years?

                At the 2017 China Content Broadcasting Network (CBBN), Wasu jointly held the ¡°Broadcasting Cloud and Big Data Forum¡± and won two innovation awards.

                Wasu has launched a brand-new strategic layout which aims to build a new-generation operator focusing on intelligent new network and integrated new media, according to its presentation at the CCBN.

                While other broadcasting operators are still struggling to retain users by strengthening interactions, Wasu has already started exploring the strategic fulcrum for the next ten years.

                And this time, Wasu has once again become an industry leader.

                Wasu is the pioneer of new intelligent broadcasting and TV network construction. In 2009, Wasu started building the NGB experimental network with the support of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China. In the past two years, Wasu has launched three major strategies: ¡°New Network + Application¡±, ¡°New Media + Content¡±, and ¡°Big Data + Development¡±.

                At present, the efficient, safe and stable intelligent network has gradually become mature. In 2015, Wasu planned on intelligent medical services, 4k, VR and promoted the comprehensive development of intelligent family, intelligent community and intelligent village services. The TVOS2.0 pilot program launched by Wasu in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, in 2016 can be considered as a big step towards the intelligent service industry

                In fact, Wasu has begun exploring in a brand-new area.

                On March 23, Yunnan Radio and Television Network Group Co., Ltd. and Wasu Digital TV Investment Co. Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the integration of traditional broadcasting content and emerging media service content. They will cooperate to realize inter-provincial connection of content on the basis of cloud computing and big data technologies. The two companies will also guide and support resources in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain on the basis of network resource sharing and user resource, and properly promote application service innovation in the areas of village e-commerce platform, intelligent home living, intelligent community, smart city and smart village.

                Party Secretary and Board Chairman of Wasu Group Wang Jian¡¯er said the company will focus on building a main platform of intelligence services, and keep up with the development process of big data and city data brain in the field of smart city construction. The company will also offer comprehensive services, including consulting, planning, and operation of intelligent business. Wasu will also gradually promote the replicability and standardization of the smart city project.

                A top official of Wasu Media Holding Co. Ltd said at the CCBN meeting that Wasu previously concentrated on ¡°living room economy¡± businesses which were mostly public services and customer business. In addition to the public video services, Wasu also has plans for video services, community health care, smart communities and smart city.

                As family businesses face great pressure, broadband service and intelligence business as a representative of customer service have become potential growth points of the industry. A lot of human and financial resources have been invested in these areas.

                In addition to the interactive television business,broadband service and intelligence business as a representative of customer service are also Wasu¡¯s strong points. The company has many relevant technologies and rich practical experience which can help broadcasting operators make strategic plans quickly.

                Wasu, which has mature technologies and rich experience, will continue to have a place in the broadcasting industry in the next 10 years.