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                A Grand Opening of the Global Cable Innovation Hangzhou Summit (GCI)

                Electromagnetic waves are used to charge wireless devices, simple voice commands can make the home IoT instant start, and the TVOS platform is very powerful¡­ On 14th November, the First Global Cable Innovation Hangzhou Summit (GCI) was held at Wasu Baima Lake Digital TV Industrial Park. At the summit, these imaginative and intelligent life scenes make all the guests amazing.

                GCI was co-sponsored by the Technical Committee of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television, CableLabs, Wasu Group, MPA (Media Partners Asia) last October, in order to solicit the new technologies and products emerging in the radio and TV industry all over the world, and promote international exchanges and cooperation. The first summit was hosted by Wasu Group, and nearly 200 guests from Europe, America and China, including new technology, new product representatives, cable industry elites and cable operators, attended the summit.

                Many leaders, such as the president of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Zhang Haitao, the vice president of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Zhang Pimin, the chief engineer of SARFT Wang Xiaojie, the secretary of the party committee of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Bao Feng, the deputy director of the science and technology commission of SARFT Du Baichuan, the chairman of the Technical Committee of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Wang Lian, the vice minister of publicity department of CPC Zhejiang provincial committee Tang Zhongxiang, the vice mayor of Hangzhou Xie Shuangcheng and so on, attended the summit.

                In the past year, the organizing committee collected new technology and new products all over the world, and selected ten items from the technologies and products presented in the CableLabs summer and winter summits, ICTC2017 and the national TVOS Contest. These projects, including AI, IoT and video processing and operation, had been demonstrated and evaluated on the spot.

                After the live vote, ¡°Wireless Power¡± by Nikola Labs, ¡°AI can Approach to Users¡¯ Homes¡± by Hangzhou BroadLink, ¡°TV Shopping, a Smart Assistant¡± by Hangzhou Zhiping E-commerce won the annual innovation awards.

                Mrs. Wang Xiaojie announced the winners, and then Mr. Zhang Haitao and Mr. Xie Shuangcheng awarded trophies for the winning products.

                Mr. Tang Zhongxiang said, ¡°The development of information network technology is changing every day, it improves very fast. The cable network is facing profound changes, the traditional profit model has been exhausted, and the new business model has not yet been carried out. How to get rid of the dilemma? The innovation is important. The projects presented at the summit are very innovative and imaginative, which show us new growth areas.¡±

                Mr. Xie Shuangcheng said, ¡°The new technology, represented by AI and the Internet, promotes the development of cultural industry. Under the background of the development of technology, the pace of integration of cultural industry and information technology is accelerating. Culture and technology support each other and promote each other. The summit has set up a good platform for domestic and foreign excellent cable enterprises, to compete and communicate with each other.¡±

                The chairman of Wasu Group, Mr. Wang Jianer expressed his warm welcome to the guests on behalf of the host. He said that Wasu would further implement the three strategies of "new network + application", "new media + content", "big data + development", in order to build a typical enterprise of smart broadcasting, integrating media and data brain. Wasu wanted to build a platform with partners to promote international exchanges and work together to create a future.

                With the witness of the leaders and the guests, Wasu Media signed cooperation agreements with CNC and China Fortune Media Group, Zhejiang Wasu signed cooperation agreements with Hisilicon, Iflytek and Zhejiang Haomiao.

                The general manager of Wasu Group, Mr. Lu Zhengpin attended the summit and made a welcome speech. Wasu launched new products, such as TVOS+intelligent operation platform and Wasu Xiaoyi, to discuss and share with guests. Lu Zhongqiang, vice president of Zhejiang Wasu, made a keynote speech on ¡°opening the new era of smart family."

                With the development of science and technology,people connect each other closely, and in the future, the connection between people and things, things and things will be everywhere. Life will become more and more intelligent, with the rapid progress of technology, innovation is crucial.