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                WASU Group Has Built and Operated the World's First Industrial IPv6 Root Server System Together with CFIEC

                On February 1, 2018, Wasu Group has signed a cooperation agreement in Hangzhou with CFIEC. The two sides will work together to build and operate the world's first industrial IPv6 root server system, and jointly promote the deployment of the next generation Internet IPv6 in the radio and television network. Many government officials and industry experts attended this signing ceremony.

                Photo: Lu Zhengpin, deputy secretary of the party committee, vice chairman and general manager of Wasu Group, signed a cooperation agreement with Liu Dong, director of CFIEC.

                The Internet is an important information infrastructure related to national economic and social development, which also profoundly affects the global politics, economy and security. In order to promote the innovation and development of the next generation of Internet in China, on November 26, 2017, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issuedthe Plan of Action for Promoting the Deployment of the Sixth Edition of the Internet Protocol (IPv6). It makes clear that it is necessary to carry out the innovation and experiment of the IPv6 new root domain name service system, accelerate the deployment and application of IPv6, construct the independent technical system and the industrial ecology, and build the next generation Internet with high speed, wide spread, full coverage and intelligence.

                CFIEC has been working on the research and promotion of IPv6 which as the core of the next generation of Internet technology. Its "IPv6 root server system" (the snowman program) has now completed 25 IPv6 root servers in 16 countries worldwide. It has promoted the implementation of the global Internet multilateralism strategy.

                Wasu Group is one of the biggest cable network operators in China, with nearly 30 million digital TV users, covering more than 20 provinces nationwide. In 2014, Wasu broadband metropolitan area network completed the deployment of IPV6, becoming the first radio and television operator to access IPV6 in China. In 2017, Wasu Group invested in the establishment of Wasu cloud technology co., LTD. Wasu Cloud specialize in the investment construction and operation services of green energy saving data center, cloud computing, big data, content distribution, Internet access platform, etc. In this cooperation, the two sides will seize the opportunity of China's IPv6 deployment, invest and build the world's first "industry IPv6 root server", and promote and support the evolution of the radio and television industry to the IPv6.

                The root server is the most important core infrastructure and strategic resources of Internet. Wasu Group takes the lead in the layout of the next generation internet key infrastructure, the construction and operation of the "industry IPv6 root server" will promote industrial upgrading and industry development. It is an important demonstration project for China to implement the "Internet plus" strategy.