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                The Global IPv6 Summit opens in Hangzhou on May 21

                On May 21-22, 2018, the Global IPv6 Summit 2018 is to be held in Hangzhou, China. As an important industrial platform for IPv6 and next generation Internet worldwide, the conference has become one of the most authoritative and most time-honored flagship conferences for Next Generation Internet.


                The Internet is an important infrastructure concerning the national economy and social development. It profoundly affects the global economic structure, interest structure and security pattern. With the increasing demand of the Internet, the original system architecture faces severe challenges in terms of scalability, security, high performance, performance, and mobility. The promotion of the large-scale deployment of the next Internet based on IPv6 will bring a rare historical opportunity for the innovation of the Internet architecture. It will support the rapid development of frontier technologies and industries such as the mobile Internet, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, and 5G, and help the global digital economy prosper. A new era of big networks will come into being.

                The ¡°Action Plan on Promoting the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based Network into Large-scale Use¡± (herein after referred to as the ¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡±) issued by Central Office and National Office on November 26, 2017 clearly states that in the next 5 to 10 years, the next-generation Internet autonomous technology system and industrial ecology will be formed, and the world¡¯s largest IPv6 business application network will be built to achieve the deep integration of the next-generation Internet in various economic and social fields and become an important leading force for the development of the next-generation Internet in the world.

                In this context, the ¡°Global IPv6 Summit 2018¡± will focus on demonstrating the core achievements of China's next-generation Internet deployment and build an industry-university research and communication platform for the industry. This is the first top-level event in China¡¯s next-generation Internet field after the ¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡± was released, which will be a milestone in the development of China¡¯s next-generation Internet.