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                The Global IPv6 Summit 2018 Focused on IPv6 Scale Deployment

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                On May 21-22, 2018, the Global IPv6 Summit 2018 was held in Hangzhou, China.

                The summit was jointly hosted by the Global IPv6 Forum, CFIEC and Zhijiang Laboratory and co-organized by the government of Binjiang District, Hangzhou, ChinaInfo 100 and Wasu Group.

                Dai Hao, Ding Wenhua, Fan Bangkui, Yu Quan, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Yin Hao, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhou Hongren, executive deputy director of ACSI, director of SARFT, Zhou Guohui, Qi Xiaohu, Liu Desheng and many other leaders from province and city, Mao Guanglie, consultant of ChinaInfo 100, Latif Ladid, president of the Global IPv6 Forum, George Michaelson, senior scientist of APNIC and many other foreign experts attended the summit.

                As co-organizer, Wasu Group launched "Radio and Television Industry Root + Wasu Root", the first industry IPv6 root server system at the summit. It has shown ¡°Wasu IPv6 root¡± represented by the official website of Wasu Group and ¡°radio and television industry root¡± represented by the interactive TV in Jiaxing. The system was built and operated by Wasu Group and CFIEC, and it was an important demonstration project for China to implement the "Internet plus" strategy.

                Home Page of Interactive TV in Jiaxing

                The first top-level event of the next generation Internet in China after the publication of ¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡±

                Thousands of experts discussed innovation and opportunity

                The deployment of IPv6 requires comprehensive upgrades to network devices, platforms, software, terminals, etc. In Jiaxing, Zhejiang, WASU has launched a pilot project of TVOS smart 4K set-top box based on radio and television network IPv6 root server system, thus realizing the IPv6 support in all aspects of media production, content distribution, and transmission, ensuring the efficiency and security of domain resolution, and providing an excellent model of upgrading to IPv6 for national radio and television network.

                On November 26, 2017, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the ¡°Action Plan on Promoting the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based Network into Large-scale Use¡± (herein after referred to as the ¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡±). The Global IPv6 Summit 2018 is the first top-level event of the next generation Internet in China after the publication of ¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡±.

                The summit focused on the next generation Internet industry, technology, standards and applications, and covered such hot topics as the innovation and reform of Internet architecture brought by the next generation Internet, the balanced development of the world's next generation Internet and the current situation of China's next generation Internet deployment. A frontier technology forum was also set up to discuss 5G, blockchain, SDN/NFV, IPv6 and other next generation Internet technologies, and showed the core results of IPv6 in the next generation Internet network environment.

                Building a high-speed, universal, fully covered and intelligent next-generation Internet

                IPv6: "let every grain of sand on earth have its own IP address".

                The Internet is an important information infrastructure related to national economic and social development, which also profoundly affects the global politics, economy and security.

                China attaches great importance to the development of the next generation of Internet. The¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡± clearly states to build a high-speed, universal, fully covered and intelligent next-generation Internet. In the next 5 to 10 years, the next-generation Internet autonomous technology system and industrial ecology will be formed, and the world¡¯s largest IPv6 business application network will be built to achieve the deep integration of the next-generation Internet in various economic and social fields and become an important leading force for the development of the next-generation Internet in the world.

                However, the IPv4 protocol has been used for 40 years, and the IPv4 address has been completely exhausted. With the increasing demand for Internet, the original architecture is facing severe challenges in terms of scalability, security, high performance, real-time and mobility. IPv6, on the other hand, is globally recognized as the next generation Internet business application solution. The maximum number of addresses supported by IPv6 is 2^128, which is enough to allocate an IP address to every grain of sand on the earth.

                Wasu Group takes the lead in the layout of the next generation internet key infrastructure, and leads the development of the next generation Internet in the national radio and television industry.

                Wasu Group is one of the biggest cable network operators in China. It owns new media businesses, including cable networks, mobile TV and Internet TV, as well as broadband Internet businesses operating licenses. It covers a large number of traditional media and new media users, including 30 million cable households, 100 million Internet TV users and 56 million Wasu mobile TV subscribers. It has worked with 800 global content providers and its business covers all provinces except Tibet (municipalities, autonomous region).

                On February 1, 2018, Wasu Group signed a cooperation agreement in Hangzhou with CFIEC. The two sides worked together to build and operate the world's first industrial IPv6 root server system, and jointly promoted the deployment of the next generation Internet IPv6 in the radio and television network.

                Promoting the next generation Internet IPv6 scale deployment is the national strategy of China's Internet development. According the ¡°IPv6 Action Plan¡±, Wasu Group takes the lead in the layout of the next generation internet key infrastructure. In 2014, Wasu broadband metropolitan area network completed the deployment of IPV6, becoming the first radio and television operator to access IPV6 in China. In 2017, Wasu Group invested in the establishment of Wasu cloud technology co., LTD. Wasu Cloud specializes in the investment construction and operation services of green energy saving data center, cloud computing, big data, content distribution, Internet access platform, etc. It realizes the upgrade of new WASU Cloud and Internet and a smooth transition to IPv6.

                In 2018, Wasu Group took "promoting the construction of 'cloud + root' to seize the commanding point of the next generation Internet development in the radio and television industry" as one of its 10 key tasks. On February 1, Wasu Group has signed a cooperation agreement with CFIEC. The two sides worked together to build and operate IPv6 "Radio and Television Industry Root¡± and ¡°Wasu Root". In just over 3 months, the Initial result of cooperation was formed.

                Building and operating independently controllable IPv6 root server system in the network of WASU Group will effectively strengthen the analytical security of broadband radio and television network users, WASU Cloud, smart city and IoT, improve the efficiency and accuracy of query parsing, ensure the security and reliability of the domain resolution of the e-government system and form the terminal application query to resolve big data. This will gradually establish the Internet domain, the IoT ID and the IPv6 address mapping and matching data system.

                At present, Wasu has completed the deployment of IPv6 root servers in 11 cities across the province.

                Next, Wasu Group will gradually promote the platforms, systems and terminals of the group and its subsidiaries to IPv6, and actively investigate the project requirements for the transformation of e-government system and smart city to IPv6 in Zhejiang province, in order to form a product oriented solution as soon as possible, and make it convenient for users.