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                Honors of Wasu Group

                Wasu Group has received multiple honors from the publicity department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the Hangzhou City Government.

                2014: The Group¡¯s call center, with the 96371 hotline, received the honorary title of ¡°National Pioneer Worker¡±.

                2013: Its affiliate listed company Wasu Media Holding Co, Ltd. was honored as ¡°The media with the most investment value in China in media institutions in 2013¡±.

                2013: Wasu Group¡¯s affiliate listed company Wasu Media Holding Co, Ltd. received the honor of ¡°the most grow-able listed company¡± in 2013 and was on the Prestigious Chart of Chinese Listed Companies.

                2012: Wasu Group was bestowed the title of an ¡°advanced company to build workers¡¯ culture in Zhejiang Province¡±.

                2012: The Group used its joint innovation in the digital family field and active exploration of its business models to receive approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to become China¡¯s second national digital family application demonstration industry base.

                2011: Its Huanglong Outlet was named the ¡°2009 to 2010 national youth model¡±.

                2008 and 2009: The Group received the honor of ¡°excellent company to reform cultural systems in China¡± from the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and other three central government departments.

                2008 and 2009: It was honored as ¡°the most satisfying brand valued by Chinese digital TV users¡±.

                2009: Wasu Group was delegated power by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to set up the first national next generation broadcast network convergence business innovation laboratory.

                2009: The Group was honored as the ¡°Hangzhou City Level Model Unit in 2008¡±.

                2007: It received the title of ¡°excellent innovative unit in Zhejiang Province¡±.

                2006: Wasu Group was honored as the ¡°top 100 most influential Chinese companies with innovation fruits¡±.

                2005: The Group switched 500,000 household cable TV users to digital TV network in downtown Hangzhou and the project passed the evaluation of a team of experts sent by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television so Hangzhou City won the title of ¡°national cable digital TV demonstration city¡± from the administration.

                2004: The Group created interactive digital TV in China and was dubbed the ¡°Hangzhou Model¡± of digital TV development to create a development path for the world¡¯s first digital TV technology integrating broadcasting and interaction.

                2004: The Group was delegated power by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to set up a experimental base for the new generation of digital TV network technology, digital TV new businesses and new operation models development and operation, or better known as ¡°the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television digital TV open laboratory¡±.