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                Wasu Xiaoyi went into the Gudang community for the elderly this autumn

                On August 31, the ¡°Wasu Xiaoyi smart community cloud service platform¡± made by Wasu and Greentown officially landed in Gudang community.

                Wasu selected as Best New Media Operator at ¡°Tianma Award -- The 8th Listed Company Investor Relations Selection¡±

                The ¡°Tianma Award--The 8th Listed Company Investor Relations Selection¡±, organized by the Securities Timesand the China Listed Company Alliance, was launched at the International Eco-Conference Center in Guiyang.

                Wasu receives Hangzhou government¡¯s special funding for 7 patented inventions and 7 software copyrights

                Wasu¡¯s seven patented inventions and seven software copyrights have been granted special funding by the Hangzhou municipal government.

                Wasu Internet TV Constructs a New Ecology of Home Entertainment Grand Screen

                Wasu Internet TV, as a platform holding high share of market among Internet TV brands, has achieved gratifying results in video industry development, with an increase of 500% in the income from user payments and an accumulation of five million subscribers.

                Wasu unveils new, improved remote control

                Wasu officially launched its second-generation remote control. Compared with the first-generation one, the second-generation remote boasts its outlook, and has upgraded functions and material so users can have a much better experience.

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