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                Su Song from Wasu: IPTV¡¯s way of integrating media

                Su Song, director of IPTV Department of Wasu Media, delivered a speech at the 2016 Asia Pacific OTT Convention. The convention, organized by DVBCN & AsiaOTT, was held in Shenzhen, south China¡¯s Guangdong Province, on May 26-27.

                In 2010 Wasu became the first group with three media to win IPTV licenses. Since 2014 the number of Wasu IPTV users has exploded and its OTT business has expanded at a fast speed thanks to technology transformation. The ratio of all-in-one TV that is connected with internetis expected to jump from the original 20-50 percent to 75 percent this year.

                Currently there are more than 20 million active users of Wasu¡¯s all-in-one TV based on Ali OS, including Tmall Magic Box of Alibaba.

                As user numbers increased at a fast pace, Wasu Media saw a rapid rise in user-based revenue in 2015. Last month (In April) the revenue jumped to more than 8 million yuan (US$1.2 million), and by end of the year the revenue is set to exceed 50 million yuan. The target of the company for this year is 80 million yuan.

                The purchasing budget of Wasu Media this year is in excess of 1 billion yuan. Wasu Media is cooperating with content partners on a wide basis, including all the US TV series on Sohu Video. And on Wasu IPTV users can see all the China Blue shows from Zhejiang Satellite TV. In addition, Wasu IPTV also has close cooperation with top 3 TV brands for children in China.

                Wasu Media has close relationship with Alipay, WeChat, Mtime.com, Nuomi.com under Baidu, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom to turn prospective users into sustainable business return.

                Wasu Media has set up a 5-billion yuan cultural venture capital investment through the platform of its listed company to invest in more cooperative partners in the industrial chain.

                Wasu Media has had rapid development for family users by improving user service and content.

                In addition, Wasu Media has the ability to make IP, T2O, e-commerce, user pay-per-view and precision advertising. Wasu Media integrates the whole platform with terminals by integrating content and users.

                In the end, Su Song concluded that the future of Wasu Media on IPTV lies in obeying the management rules set out by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, focusing on effective operation and exploring business innovation. The target of Wasu Media is to have 5 million paid users and 50 million activated users in order to be a leading force in the IPTV area.