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                Li Wei at Washu¡¯s Haiyan Branch is ready to help anytime

                Li Wei has been working at the Haiyan Branch of Wasu Broadcasting and TV Cable Co. since July 1998. He is now in charge of the project and maintenance department.

                 ¡°Whatever work or position, if you have Lao Li (old Li) on hand you can be at ease!¡± Li¡¯s colleagues say. ¡°At critical moments, I can solve problems upon request,¡± Li replies.

                Li¡¯s colleagues still remember the time when the online transmission center needed to be relocated from 7 East Wenchang Road to 199 West Zaoyuan Road to make way for the construction of the Culture Square.

                Li was in charge of the implementation of the project, covering design, construction plan and detailed schedule. He worked day and night on the project.

                During the relocation it was required that cable, radio and TV signals be stopped so the switch-over was arranged for between midnight and the wee hours of morning. Li slogged from dusk to dawn, and then went back to work as normal.

                After nights of work for months, all the installations and transmissions were completed in time. Old Li was able to smile at last.

                In recent years, Li has been working on projects to make digital TV programs accessible to residential areas, hotels and restaurants. Even after completion of the projects, many hotel and restaurant operators still contact Li when they need help, regardless of day or night.

                Even though Li is not a maintenance worker, whenever he receives such a call he helps to solve the problem as soon as possible. One day a hotel owner called Li at 10pm, complaining that the TV signals had been cut off and many guests were angry, demanding to check out. The owner, surnamed Ma, had called maintenance but the workers had already left for home and there was nobody on duty.

                He then called Li, and Li hurried to the company, grabbed the required equipment and material and rushed to the hotel along with another colleague. After about half an hour all the TV signals in the hotel were on and the irate guests retired for the night, a grateful lot.

                And Ma was smiling away happily.