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                Wasu Defines Future With Night of High-Definition

                On April 30, 2016, residents of Ma¡¯anshan City in Anhui Province were enjoying their leisurely walk on Xingfu Square as usual. What they didn¡¯t know was that an unimaginable blockbuster would soon make its debut in their midst!

                Just before 7pm, 12 75-inch panels on the west of the square lit up in an instant with¡°night of high-definition¡±displayed on them.

                Colorful light boxes, backdrops, and beach banners revealed the characteristics and benefits of high-definition TV programs and broadcast television network.

                In an instant large crowds of people were drawn towards the square. Visitors talked with the workers while watching a movie in the south of the square.

                On May 1, the ¡°night of high-definition¡± made the headlines on traditional and new media and was reported on outdoor screens and advertising leaflets.

                The concept of 50 high-definition TV programs has been a hot topic among residents since that promotion campaign by Wasu.

                Since April 25, the Ma¡¯anshan Branch of Wasu China Cable Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the city¡¯s Culture and Tourism Commission, has been holding ¡°night of high-definition¡± activities. During the 6-month period, movies exclusively produced for Wasu China Cable will be staged at squares and communities in the city. Residents can also enjoy a series of services, including applying for cable and high-definition TV program service, payment of fees and maintenance.

                A middle-aged couple, having watched the high-definition TV program at Xingfu Square with their child, immediately decided to install the system.

                 ¡°We installed China Cable high-definition TV program several years ago, and we like it very much as the movies are new, saving us a lot of money on watching movies in cinema halls,¡± Yao Xianghong from the city¡¯s Yushan District said.

                Nearly 300 company staff join the activities at Xiangshan Square, Xingfu Square, Gelin Community Square, and Huaguoshan Park at weekends or on public holidays.

                They start working at noon and move all equipment back to the warehouse early next morning. Some employers even stay in a tent on Xingfu Square since sometimes they hold 2-day activities there.

                So far more than 4,000 people have visited their booths, with 62 clients signing up for high-definition program and 46 for broadband service. An additional 760 people have registered for further services.

                The activities have boosted the company¡¯s image and promoted its services, providing potential for new business development amid fierce competition.