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                Wasu WiFi + Business Development Prevails, I-Zheli App Hits the Market and WiFi Site Reaches 10,000 in Three Years

                I-Zheli is an app promoted by Wasu for customers and users to connect to WIFI anywhere in Zhejiang Province, securely and quickly, so that people can search for news, including on livelihood and politics, online and play with the most upgraded applications immediately.

                Zhejiang Wasu signed a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Juanxing Technology, affiliated to Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, recently to put the I-Zheli App in the market.

                Help Professional Customers Solve Trigger Points and Be a Private Guide for Public Users

                There are many wireless products in cities but most apps in districts and counties are limited in terms of content and range of applications; they also lack in service items that can foster customer loyalty. As the price for integrated establishment and development of products is steep, publicity is affected due to lack of finance, obviously hindering the popularity of apps.

                However, I-Zheli app can help professional customers solve trigger points and also be a private guide for public users.

                For customers, I-Zheli is a new media platform, powerful in functions but with low cost, because Wasu itself has completed a series of procedures, including development, running, promotion and publicity, and offers smooth connection. Customers not only don¡¯t need to invest too much in the cost but can also build a platform featuring their own style and which is convenient for the public. Besides, as Wasu has a unified WiFi platform, customers can enjoy the resources of millions of users as they connect to I-Zheli, and then make more profit from the scope of users.

                For public users, I-Zheli is not only a WiFi connector but is a private guide at hand.

                On ¡°connection¡±: People can connect to WiFi anywhere in Zhejiang Province using a single button. And the app has a safety detecting function so users need not worry about the trap of cheating service set identifier.

                On ¡°Zheli¡±: Based on the location, people can find convenient information, including handy service for the public, introduction of scenic spots, ticket buying, cuisine recommendation and hotel booking. Information about other cities can also be found. I-Zheli provides any information, both about traveling and public services.

                On ¡°discovery¡±: People can enter platforms, including online financing, news, overseas e-commerce and value added on the balance and group purchase, greatly increasing the frequency of usage and boosting user loyalty, to elevate the value of products.

                I-Zheli breaks the implicit limitation in districts, integrates the resources of users for WiFi in Zhejiang, connects value-added services, including handy services for public and travel information, and infuses new energy into Wasu¡¯s WiFi business.

                Provincial Wasu WiFi + Wireless Business Hits the Market With 40 Cities, 150 Projects, 10,000 Sites and Four Million Users

                The crystal ball, symbolizing the WLAN coverage in public places of Keqiao district, was launched by Zhou Shusen, deputy head of the district; Ni Renlong, director of the Keqiao Economy and Informatization Bureau; Wang Maorong, chairman of the Keqiao Science Association; and Dong Jianming, general manager of China Cable Shaoxing Subsidiary Co., at Keqiao Mingzhu Cultural Plaza.

                In Tongxiang city, the ¡°Cloud Puyuan¡± project for WiFi coverage in public places, under the charge of Tongxiang Wasu Puyuan Subsidiary Co., was approved by a panel of experts.

                Wasu WiFi + wireless business hit the market and as of May 2016, 40 cities and counties in Zhejiang had opened Wasu WiFi, benefiting 4 million people. About 50,000 people use Wasu WiFi every day, while there are 150 projects covering 12 categories including scenic spots, towns, specialized market, banks, street shops, hotels, hospitals, villages and municipal sites, with 7,000 new sites added and a total of 10,000 sites available. By the end of this year, the number of sites is expected to reach 30,000 and hit 100,000 in three years.

                Wasu WiFi + Operation Becomes One of the Main Platforms of Wireless Zhejiang: Wusu WiFi Sites Proceed to 100,000

                Wusu WiFi + wireless business provides customers with not only WiFi network service but also information and applications. The biggest feature of the business is the integrated solution featuring the symbiosis of the wired and the wireless, broadband and television, network and information service, on the basis of Wasu¡¯s advantages in broadband, information applications, unified verification, unified operation and unified identification.

                Zhejiang Wasu began promoting its WiFi + wireless business brand on May 21, 2015, and has organized a cooperation league of Wasu WiFi + wireless business. Wasu WiFi + operation has now become one of the main platforms of wireless Zhejiang since it opened.

                The general range of Wasu site construction has been expanded by 60%, more than the designed goal. Some cities have exceeded their targets, including Jiaxing, Yueqing, Tongxiang, Tonglu, Jiangshan, Pinghu, Jinhua, Yongkang, Taishun and Linhai.

                At present, there are ten wireless city projects in Zhejiang, and about 11,200 i-zhejiang-wasu AP sites, including Hangzhou. The general aims of development in the whole province in 2016 are: an increase of 100% in total value of contracts of wireless business, an increase of 200% to reach 30,000 WiFi sites, and 100,000 sites in three years. I-Zheli, as a digital and smart new media information application, and an information application platform integrating online financing, portable Internet and Internet of things, will gather a lot of information and applications to make it convenient for people to shop, travel, study, while helping in education and health care, and provide a platform as well as solutions for the government in making affairs public, monitoring and city administration.

                Successful Stories

                Tongxiang Wasu: Break Through the Specialized Market

                Tongxiang Wasu believes that WiFi and personalized information service are really promising fieldsand in order to explore it, the company focused on the specialized market and established Puyuan Woolen Sweater Market, under the general feature of ¡°Cloud Puyuan¡±.

                This was the first smart city project in the whole of Tongxiang.

                The project provides integrated services, including QR code scanning, official accounts browsing and shopping on WeChat on ipad or mobile phones, realizing functions, including web page pushing, information release, shopping and travel guide, data analysis, online payment and commodities search. Meanwhile, by integrating abundant information resources, including government departments and shops, the project helps the government with information flow, making affairs public, market monitoring and city administration.

                At present, the project has realized WiFi coverage in the 25,000-square-meter Puyuan Woolen Sweater Club, outdoor plaza and parking lots with 88 sites for a year, and received good feedback for its steady operation. Now a second cooperation contract has been signed to cover more areas, including public places and administration buildings with 370 sites.

                At the same time, Tongxiang Wasu has promoted WiFi coverage in all specialized markets, including other towns, public places in sub-districts and rural tourism sites. It will also establish a smart Tongxiang platform with six items namely smart market in all areas, smart industrial parks, smart tourism, smart community, smart safeguarding and smart transportation, to eventually build a smart Tongxiang.

                Pinghu Wasu: Focus on Public Service

                Bus WiFi has numerous users thanks to public transport buses¡¯ fixed routes, a fixed group of commuters, regular frequency of usage and the need to kill time on the buses. Commuters have a stronger need of WiFi, and therefore higher frequency of usage and better loyalty.

                Pinghu Wasu signed exclusive contracts with Pinghu city bus and city-village bus company, becoming the sole operator of bus WiFi in Pinghu. It established WiFi on the first group of 32 buses -- 28 city buses and 4 city-village vehicles. The aim is to gradually equip all public transport buses in the city with WiFi.

                Jiaxing Wasu: Achieve 3 Million Investment; Cooperate with Property & Hotel Industries

                Jiaxing Wasu made a successful bid for the public places WiFi coverage project in Jiaxing in 2013.

                As Jiaxing became the pilot city of ¡°China Broadband¡± and ¡°Smart City¡±, Jiaxing Wasu achieved 3 million yuan investment, with support from the Jiaxing Economy and Informatizaion Committee, to design and build a wireless city, realizing the overall coverage in parks, scenic spots, main avenues and bus stops. Meanwhile, Jiaxing will promote ¡°i-jiaxing¡± wireless business in the city and towns, imitating the pattern of smart emergency broadcasting plus trinity construction.

                Jiaxing Wasu has signed contracts with local enterprises, including Wanke and Jindu Real Estate company, to build smart community and is cooperating with hotels to provide multi-services based on the combination of panel AP and set-top boxes.

                Yuhang Wasu: Promote ¡°Beauty Villages¡±

                Since Yuhang constructed the i-hangzhou WiFi coverage project in 2013, the social needs of internet connections and applications of WiFi and WLAN have increased greatly. Yuhang Wasu seized the opportunity to construct Beauty Villages, featuring splendid and smart villages, led by the Yuhang government, and promoted the coverage of i-hangzhou in more villages of Yuhang.

                Gangnan village, as the first WiFi village in Yuhang, has realized 3.3 million-square-meter WiFi coverage, with 528 households getting access to high definition service amid distribution of portable WiFi machines to all households. Meanwhile, based on the 40 monitors and instructing platform, a cooperation model involving all business has been established.

                Through the cooperation models in WiFi, high-definition interactions and video monitoring, Yuhang Wasu has been more competitive in the market. Officials from the province as well as various cities and districts have visited Gangnan village to check on its success.