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                Wasu Man: Han Zhao, an Old Friend of 4 am

                Before Kobe Bryant retired, a journalist inquired about the reasons for his great success as a basketball player. The Lakers star instead asked the journalist whether he had ever observed Los Angeles at 4 am.

                This might be a joke but for Han Zhao, from Wasu¡¯s network operation and maintenance department, 4 am is an old friend.

                Who is Han Zhao?

                Han Zhao joined the network operation and maintenance department in August 2013, and became a systems engineer.

                Wasu was just starting out in 2013 and Han had to study different skills and deal with regular breakdowns and affairs every day. He was happy working hard and completed his work of regular inspection, early warning and safeguarding during holidays diligently, and responded to requirements of other departments promptly.

                As days turned into months and months morphed into years, he earned the trust of colleagues from other departments and recognition of a city, in this case Hangzhou.

                Han grew alongside Wasu and witnessed the increase of its Cloud TV flow from20Gto200G.

                He is an Old Friend of 4 am

                Most people are sleeping at 4 am, but Han can usually be found in his office at that time, keyboarding and testing data or solving problems related to any upgrading.

                In one instance, an Intrusion Prevention System needed to be developed on May 25, and Han stayed behind after closing time, making preparations. And even after he had finished upgrading, he continued the testing work with colleagues from Sihua Technologies. The process of testing involved a series of data, including household and hotel versions, top-set boxes of Hangmo, Feiyue, and Shuyue, and even the subordinated web pages. They kept testing from 2 am to 4:30 am.

                A day earlier on May 24, Han worked until 4 am again. This he did in order to stem the potential danger of Liquid Crystal Module leaking information in the Common Data Bank and also to avoid possible video-playing problems for users, such as slow speed or failure to load.

                He had done the same on April 30 while inspecting potential breakdowns of cloud storage.

                Though the upgrading process is not very long, the job of modifying the previous upgrade plan, especially modification involving software versions, repeated testing after upgrading and the confirmation generally costs plenty of time. For Han, Hangzhou at 4 am is quite familiar.


                It is said that the job of operation and maintenance is a thankless one as it requires engineers to work round the clock during holidays, accidents, events and regular work hours, while, at the same time, shouldering responsibility for any accidents.

                However, Han believes that he plays an important role as a speechless but powerful backup supporter and keeper.

                Han says that he doesn¡¯t seek or need accolades or applause from anyone but always hopes that the network system works smoothly and all potential dangers are eradicated, so that he can sleep well.