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                Zhejiang Wasu Promotes Network Construction in Whole of Zhejiang Province

                Wasu Group has seized the chance for strategic development as China promotes the integration of traditional media and new media, and has established three strategic development directions namely ¡°New network + application¡±, ¡°New media + content¡±, and ¡°Big data + development¡±, against the backdrop of the national ¡°Broadband China¡± strategy and the 13th Five-Year Plan on broadcasting. As the network service operator in Zhejiang¡¯s ¡°One province, one network¡± plan, Zhejiang Wasu sticks to the three strategic development directions, actively implements the ¡°New network + application¡± strategy, and strongly promotes the construction of a ¡°New network¡± across the whole province. It also builds a new broadcasting network that is fast, intelligent and safe while gradually realizing smooth connections between broadcasting network and Internet applications, and improves the scale of users at a full range.


                Active Investigation to Fully Understand the Actual Base

                ¡ªDesign ¡°New network¡± construction scenario

                According to the general work arrangement from its headquarters, Zhejiang Wasu actively promotes the construction of the new network. An investigation was launched in January 2016, about the status quo of network in all subsidiary corporations. Preliminary technical scenario and implementation scenario of Zhejiang Wasu¡¯s new network construction were drawn up in March 2016, and further deep discussions were carried out to improve the scenarios. The final scenario of the new network construction was completed in May 2016. This comprehensively analyzed the basic resources, including machine rooms and circuits, and confirmed the requirements, specific scenarios and even scheduled goals for each subsidiary corporation.

                In addition, based on the summary of general objectives and the status quo, five main tasks of new network constriction were formulated for each subsidiary corporation, which were: accelerating construction of the IP broadcasting network, promoting the standardization of machine rooms of broadcasting network, increasing the construction of wireless broadband, further promoting the construction of a supervision system for the broadcasting network, and strengthening the construction of a network shield information security system.

                Adequate Communication for Unified Thoughts

                ¡ªImplement the Requirements and Schedules of New Network Construction

                In order to further implement and promote new network construction in the whole province, Zhejiang Wasu organized a series of communication meetings among all subsidiary corporations.

                A video meeting was held for technical staff of all subsidiary corporations to study the ¡°Guidance for Zhejiang Wasu New Network Construction¡± issued in January 2016, to push the subsidiaries to further understand the meaning, requirements as well as objectives of the new network construction.

                The publicity of the technical scenario and implementation scenario of Zhejiang Wasu¡¯s new network was also carried out through a video meeting in March 2016. Through the meeting, subsidiary corporations in Zhejiang recognized existing problems in the present network, understood the specific requirements and schedules for the new network construction and had a clear idea about later local construction scenario designs.

                In order to help subsidiaries improve construction scenarios and further understand the requirements of new network construction, Zhejiang Wasu held workshop sessions in batches in Hangzhou. The sessions were held under the construction maintenance management department of Zhejiang Wasu, co-organized by the network system operation and maintenance department and the chief engineer¡¯s office. All deputy directors of engineering departments and general managers in charge of engineering maintenance and technical operation from subsidiaries in each city attended the workshop sessions. During the sessions, technical directors reported on local new network construction scenarios of each subsidiary, and related people from the headquarters gave suggestions to improve the scenarios. Most subsidiaries attached great importance to the scenarios since they really dealt with concrete issues featuring high feasibility, such as the scenarios from Tongxiang Wasu, Jiaxing Wasu and Lishui Wasu.

                High-speed Access and Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

                ¡ª¡°New Network¡± greatly supports ¡°Applications¡±

                Zhejiang Wasu invited all subsidiary corporations for a workshop session on the construction of a supervision system for network operation. The session made clear the requirements for construction and specific tasks scheduled. Network monitoring requires analysis of data collected, including operation, business and emergency, to have an understanding about the quality of both the network and business.

                Broadcasting network boasts the most coverage and has the highest ratio of coverage among all media while also enjoying advantageous resources in communication channels and users. The construction of the new network will make a good use of this advantage, establish a network for various services, including abundant channels and high-quality programs, high-speed broadband Internet, high-speed video on demand, network teleconference, e-government, distance education and Internet medial service.

                According to a scheduled plan, Zhejiang Wasu will complete the new network construction covering all cities and towns, and most rural areas. Once completed, the new network will have functions, including average 100M and some 1,000M speed, high definition videos, high definition videos on demand, increasing development of high-speed broadband services, smooth connections to services, including network teleconference, e-government, distance education and Internet media service, and meet the requirement for services, including ultra high definition videos, ultra high definition games, and VR videos, in the future