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                Zhejiang Wasu Enters New Norm of Group Customer Business: Enriching products, expanding channels, cooperating with cities and improving the team

                The Wasu Group Customer business conference and new product release meeting, themed ¡°Run For the Common Dream,¡± was held in Jiaxing on May 19-20. A total of 240 people from Group Customer groups of each subsidiary company attended the conference.

                Departments of Zhejiang Wasu, including marketing, political VIP and big customer, new business development, information TV industry, broadband product, and subsidiaries from Jiaxing, Quzhou, Tongxiang, Pinghu, Wuyi and Pujiang, shared their experience at the conference. Vice president of Zhejiang Wasu, Shen Ziqiang and president¡¯s assistant Wang Xiaoli also spoke on the occasion.

                A report on business development in Zhejiang Province from January to April was unveiled at the conference, and business experiences in digital television, broadband and monitor service were shared to explore the direction of business in the future. The business trends in high definition, interaction, personalization, monitoring and wireless were also enumerated.


                Build Consensus, Make Progress: Actively promoting Group Customer business development

                As a pioneer in tri-network integration, Wasu has made great achievements in digital television, broadband and new network applications, explored many advanced models, and accumulated invaluable experience. In Group Customer business, Wasu has, through many years¡¯ development, received public praise and established its influence in fields, including e-government, smart city, digital television and broadband enterprises, across Zhejiang Province or even nationwide. Zhejiang Wasu will take a leaf out of its Group Customer business experience in Hangzhou, and then design new products in other cities, taking into consideration both previous experience and the local status quo.

                In the field of digital television, Wasu has tried to accelerate high definition translation, deploy bundled products of wireless AP set-top boxes, and provide an integrated solution by combining with personal user needs. A grouping of television information applications, themed cities and rural areas, was established on the basis of high definition, interaction and personalization, and combined with multi-screen interaction, various information television products were created for meeting different needs of government, merchants and users in cities as well as in rural areas.

                In the field of broadband, Wasu has promoted the integration of the wired and the wireless, brought together businesses and provided an integrated solution. The overall promotion of broadband, targeted at key commercial buildings, industrial parks, and commercial streets, was running smoothly thanks to the advantage of its channel business and introduction of new sales energy. The active participation in the establishment of wireless cities has served as a network base for the construction of smart cities or villages. In the next phase, broadband products will keep supporting the union of platforms and more products are expected as Wasu takes an active role in market competition.

                In the field of monitoring service, Wasu is focused on projects such as ¡°smart city administration,¡± ¡°smart community,¡± and ¡°smart village,¡± while also actively participating in the construction of home care for the aged. The company has also taken part in the application market of digital television, involving top-government designs, government expansion and enterprises. Facing function-fixed smart products, each subsidiary has been urged to make good use of standard components of products and gain market share quickly, by employing the resources of Wasu Group. In the face of innovative and fused integration projects and smart projects, each subsidiary should refer to other company¡¯s experience and reproduce it fast. As for big smart integration project, Wasu should make good use of the advantage of its partners and come up with a considerate solution.

                Based on the above, all subsidiaries should build a consensus and make progress together, actively promoting projects, including cloud party school led by the organization department of the provincial party committee; online cultural hall led by the publicity department of the provincial committee; online portfolio of food and medicine led by the provincial food and drug administration; video meeting system led by the provincial land bureau; communication network led by the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; and WIFI coverage led by China Merchants Bank. Wasu can be more competitive in the Group Customer market if all organizations work together with and for the same aim.


                Enrich Products & Improve the Team: New Norm of Zhejiang Wasu¡¯s Group Customer Business

                Vice president of Zhejiang Wasu Shen Ziqiang gave an important speech at the conference, stating that Group Customer business has to develop products, channels, cooperation and a team in order to enter the new norm.

                Firstly, products have to be enriched constantly to be more competitive. The provincial company and supporting teams have to innovate constantly, by investigating the needs of first-tier subsidiary companies and users, improving the production lines and bringing forth the new through the old continually. The company should focus on the main directions of smart city and smart community and develop applications in fields, including safeguarding, city administration, tourism and medical industry, in order to demonstrate the newly unveiled strategic idea of ¡°New network + applications¡±.

                Secondly, channels should be expanded constantly and Group Customer business should account for more revenue percentage. Group Customer business is destined to be the focus of the company¡¯s development, and the ability to bear risks can be stronger if the percentage of Group Customer business is higher. For operators, Group Customers are everything. Each subsidiary has to realize the importance of Group Customers, create more needs, and actually promote standard Group Customer products.

                Thirdly, cooperation among companies should be developed to maintain active Group Customer business. The development of business not only requires cooperation between the provincial company and each subsidiary, but also cooperation among all companies in cities and counties. A project is easier to replicate or reproduce when companies are connected before its launch, making it even easier to form a province-wide or even region-wide project. Related departments of Zhejiang Wasu have to highlight the key points and promote new projects immediately.

                Fourthly, subsidiary companies¡¯ teams have to be built well in order to elevate the capability of a whole team. Group Customer business is new for teams at both the provincial company and subsidiaries, and staff should promote the business together while respecting each other, understanding each other and making progress together. The provincial company should play the lead role while subsidiaries should establish a concrete supporting system in pre-sale, sales, and post-sale. Responsibilities should be allocated clearly to make the team more professional.