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                Wasu Cup Sports Meet Themed ¡°Could-high Terrace¡± in Gaoping Township

                Suichang Wasu Broadcast Network Co., Ltd held the Wasu Cup sports meet on June 18 on the terrace fields of Taoyuan sub-village in Chashuping Village, which comes under Gaoping Township, Suichang County of Lishui City. The activity promoted the concept of ¡°Cloud-high¡±, both referring to the high-altitude location of the village as well as the construction of a smart village with full coverage of wireless network. Sixty athletes from Zhejiang Sina Co., Zhejiang Ganjie E-commerce Co., Ltd, Wasu Group and Gaoping Township took part in the sports meet, forming four teams named after Zhejiang Sina, Ganji, Wasu and Gaoping.


                Despite the rain the athletes were greatly excited. Though they may have attended many sports meets before, it was rare for them to run a three-legged race, play volleyball and tug-of-war on terrace fields. It was the first time that the urban residents among the participants experienced the fields first hand.


                To run among muddy fields was a challenge, as their feet had to maintain a balance between steadiness and speed. Athletes struggled to run forward in the face of mud being splashed all over their bodies.


                The tug-of-war was the most exciting contest. Once the umpire blew the whistle, athletes on the two sides pulled the rope without giving in amid wild cheering from the audience. The sight of the losing side falling down in the mud had everyone in splits. The rain didn¡¯t dampen people¡¯s enthusiasm but instead made them feel the spirit of cooperation in a team; the competition result therefore didn¡¯t count for much.


                It is said that Gaoping township hoped to create a new rural tourism model using the pattern of ¡°scenic spots + outward bound,¡± using the terrace fields as the background. The sports meet could be regarded as a trial run for this.