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                Huzhou Cloud TV Pilot Project Gets Approval

                The Huzhou Cloud TV Pilot Project, for which Wasu Group had made an application and which was mainly invested as well as carried out by Zhejiang Wasu Co., passed an evaluation by experts of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT) on May 18. The head of the panel was Du Baichuan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Division of SAPPRFT, with other experts coming from institutions, including the China Broadcast Network, the Academy of Broadcast Science and the Planning Institute of Broadcast and Television.

                The project was promoted by Zhejiang Wasu Co. as a key scheme, having launched the pilot work on a large scale at Huzhou Wasu. As a pilot site, Wasu upgraded Huzhou¡¯s local networks, terminals and platforms at a full range, featuring massive aggregation, cloud distribution, controllable management and multiple terminal accesses, in order to offer ultra-high definition videos and interactions. It also fully expanded the coverage of the broadcasting network service, which has an extremely high potential for industrial development.

                The project will eventually construct a new broadcasting network featuring open, clear, and standardized interfaces and functional components, as an effective solution to long-term development-inhibiting problems, including shortage of frequency resources for users, difficulty in the application of innovative issues and non-uniform standards of terminals. It will also explore a new business model for the broadcasting network.

                After the approval from SAPPRFT, the Cloud TV project will be promoted further, to solve related technical problems in pilot work for forming a reproducible pattern able to cover the whole of Zhejiang Province while also promoting the strategic development of Wasu¡¯s ¡°New network plus application,¡± and even upgrading China¡¯s broadcasting industry.