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                Wasu unveils new, improved remote control

                Wasu officially launched its second-generation remote control. Compared with the first-generation one, the second-generation remote boasts its outlook, and has upgraded functions and material so users can have a much better experience.

                Wasu¡¯s first-generation remote control is four years old. Following user feedback and after long-term testing and improvement, Wasu completed the design of its second-generation remote control.


                Upgraded outlook and much more convenient manipulation

                The new remote control has a clear, convenient and improved layout of keys. There are no duplicate keys as in the previous one. Users can manipulate it with only one hand while all the thumb-accessible keys are the ones most commonly used. Users may switch channels or the mode of video-on-demand or live show with their thumbs. Compared with the first generation, the main improvements are as follows:

                No channel + and -, no volume + and -, with a new ¡°home¡± key;

                No ¡°study¡± key or ¡°playback¡± key, with newly added F1-F4 keys. The F4 key is the same as the previous ¡°input method¡± key;

                Instructions for use are printed on the back of the remote control.


                The new remote control adopts double infrared emission tube. With adequate power the effective remote-control distance has been extended from the previous 10 meters to 15 meters.

                The new remote control adopts all metal film buttons which are not easily oxidized; not affected by water/oil; and have longer endurance.

                The material and craftsmanship of the new remote control extends key service endurance from 200,000 times to 300,000 times.