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                Corporate Culture

                Our Vision

                Wasu is dedicated to becoming a pioneer on the road to digitalized development, both domestically and internationally. We aim to be a company with an inspiring corporate culture and strong social responsibilities, which will make Wasu a respected enterprise with a history of hundred years.

                Our Genes

                We are eager for success. We never give in. We adopt an innovative approach for development. We pay attention to every detail during the process. All the above are part of our genes, making us stronger. Since the establishment of Wasu, we¡¯ve faced challenges in development and integration as well as fierce market competition. Thanks to the genes we are born with, Wasu always does the best and strives for excellence. We are determined and courageous. We dare to make a change, to create and to innovate, being a pioneer in the sector. We are proud of ourselves but never satisfied with what we¡¯ve achieved.

                Our Values

                Innovation, Persistence, Delicacy and Harmony


                ¡®Never be satisfied with what we¡¯ve achieved.¡¯ ¡®Seek changes.¡¯ ¡®Pursue Excellence.¡¯ They are our keys to survive in a competitive market.

                Insisting on an innovative approach to content production, marketing, and integration will improve our competitiveness.

                We encourage learning. We keep pace with the times. We uphold a scientific developmental view. We dare to explore and innovate.


                Never give upin front of tasks.

                Never lose confidence and courage in front of challenges.

                Never give in in front of failures.


                Pay attention to detail while striving for excellence and providing first-class services.

                Be elite and careful while going down to the essence of things.

                Provide precise services with meticulous work and refined management.


                Build a harmonious relationship with clients, shareholders, local societies and governments.

                Establish a harmonious community within the company, between departments and staff.

                Adopt a harmonious approach in service, management and daily work.

                Provide outstanding services, insist on refined management and value a straightforward & efficient working attitude.

                We seek comprehensive, harmonious development through a dynamic approach to correct and improve ourselves all the time.

                We aim to create a positive corporate culture as we value it.


                Responsibility Creativity Cooperation

                Code of conduct:    Be practical and realistic

                Be outgoing and caring

                Be disciplined