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                Will Wasu lead the country¡¯s broadcasting industry in the next 10 years?

                Wasu has launched a brand-new strategic layout which aims to build a new-generation operator focusing on intelligent new network and integrated new media, according to its presentation at the CCBN.

                Wasu basks in Jinchao Awards

                Wasu Group won 6 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 6 third prizes.

                Wasu-led ¡®IPv6-based Interactive Media Operation System¡¯ project passes quality review

                The IPv6-based Interactive Media Operation System project passed quality review at a panel meeting in Hangzhou on November 18, 2016.

                Wasu-led Ministry of Science and Technology project passes quality review

                The Research, Development, Application and Demonstration of an Interactive TV Application-Aggregating Cloud Service System project launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology and led by Wasu passed a quality review at a panel meeting.

                Ma Jianyi wins numerous clients over the past 20 years thanks to ¡°deep love¡±

                Despite two broken ribs, a Tongxiang Wasu employee continued to promote its broadband and digital TV in Hengfeng Village, visiting each household at night.